Success is achieved by sticking to one thing and doing it until you reach your goal.  Offering a broad array of legal expertise under one roof may have some benefits for larger firms, but it can also be expensive while offering less depth of expertise and limited productivity. Our specialty law firm is focused on intellectual property and business protection and disputes in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

We’ve been working in this one area of the law for more than 30 years, and our success speaks for itself. We work closely with our clients, take the time to learn their businesses, truly understand their goals, and represent their interests as if they were our own – because we believe they are. Our clients are our partners and helping them grow their businesses and protect their property benefits us as much as them.

General practice law firms include a variety of unrelated practices within a single firm. Our specialty is intellectual property law. We have extensive experience protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights for our clients and can assist you with trademarks, copyrights, patents, licensing, and confidentiality issues.